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Analyze the status quo
Capture possibilities
Bringing about decisions

Develop and implement strategies
Analyzing and designing structures
Increase decision-making competence
Empowering and developing leadership
Dealing with conflicts
Change and transformation support

Every company, every organization has its own history, its own culture.
A unique way of creating stability and enabling or preventing change.

Even if the occasions and starting points are often the same: how decisions are brought about, made or not made in an organization is specific and integrated into a complex network of communication and decision-making structures.

I offer you an approach that allows you to capture and describe the dynamics of your organization. Support you with an alert and attentive eye for expected and unexpected signals of change or stagnation.

You do not receive a ready-made solution, but (with my support) develop your understanding of effective intervention options in your organization and how to classify the observable reactions.

You gain orientation and organizational understanding beyond individual case decisions and simple recipes.

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