What my customers say …

I really enjoy working with Martina Rühm: Martina is direct, clear and attentive and subtly perceptive in contact. Martina is also super organized and reliable and it is therefore always a great pleasure for me to implement change effectively with her, both professionally and personally, in projects and other settings."

Martina Rühm and I have been working together for many years on a wide variety of projects. I appreciate Martina's professional competence and clarity. Our different professional backgrounds and the resulting different approaches and perspectives on a topic always contribute to a fruitful collaboration for both sides."

I was faced with a job decision that was actually rationally clear, but didn't feel right to me. The coaching gave me access to what prevented me from choosing the supposedly logical option.
I am very grateful to Martina Rühm for supporting me in gaining the necessary clarity and thus in making my decision, which in retrospect I can say was exactly the right one for me. Her empathetic yet direct manner helped me a lot, working with her was fun and enriching. I would contact her again at any time."

Keller Partner works together with Martina Rühm in training and coaching measures and uses her as a coach and trainer. Her advice is always effective, professional and on an equal footing with her clients. Martina does not offer run-of-the-mill solutions, but delivers concrete added value and customer benefits. We are happy to work with her again."

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